Mixed extracts from the performance of Afra Zamara, Davide Martella, Filipa Martins, Giacomo Goldoni and Hanna Wiebe, which took place Thursday 10th of March 2016 at the London College of Communication.  

What would happen if, after your death, a device could generate a testament of yours? Afterlife.exe, indeed, envisages such reality - .exe stays for the automatic execution of an action done by the computer, afterlife represents the “effect” this action is meant for. Afterlife.exe recalls the idea of a ghost in the machine, of artists authoring their testaments in a way they remind of the artefacts of the machine itself.

The project engages with the concept of death and the process it undergoes within a digital environment where decay does not exist and anxiety is produced by the continuous witnessing of people’s own past lives. Each artist responded to the same brief - being a superficial framework of questions. The outcomes are deeply personal and varied comments on the life of each one of them, addressing matters going from faking own's identity and gender online to safety in the digital environment. Moreover, the consideration of death within a platform where images of someone who passed away can come up unrequested on a friend’s timeline whenever the social network brings back an event which took place one, two, three years ago, takes a bitter shape.  

The performance sees the bodies of the five artists laying on a clinic, morgue-like environment with computers belonging to each of them playing their Afterlife.exe videos, in a loop.